Comfyballs Performance Long Winter Warrior Boxer

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The Prince of the Package

Performance Winter Warrior – the boxer for maximum robustness on those Winter days! The Performance Winter warrior has a dual layer of performance microfibre in the package front making these the boxer of choice from the top drawer on those winter adventures! Suitable for all kinds of sports and training to those Ultra Winter adventures!

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Comfyballs Performance Long Winter Warrior Boxer

Performance – the boxer for maximum achievement! The Comfyballs Winter Warrior Black Performance Boxer keeps your chestnuts toasty with it dual layer package front. Providing wind blocking effect on those colder days. The Performance range is suitable for all kinds of sports and training from extreme racing to just normal everyday use.

The boxer is soft, light and extremely durable so can withstand those toughest days. The wicking capability transports any moisture away from the skin allowing the fabric to dry very quickly, therefore preventing any chaffing. Also these boxers do not contain Polygiene or other additives.

The unique PackageFront™ technology is designed to keep your equipment in place and comfortable while being lifted away from the inside of your thighs.  Therefore this prevents chaffing and unnecessary heating of the balls (Reduced Heat Transfer) whilst giving the ultimate support without the squeeze! Cooler equipment is proven to assist in fertility and may help to improve sperm count.

The carefully curved panels combined with innovative use of elastic fabric seams lift the user experience to a new level! The size of the PackageFront™ is the same regardless of the size of the boxer trunk.  The PackageFront™ is also made of an extremely elastic material, you can be assured that the PackageFront™ will fit you.

  • 84% Polyester Microfiber, 16% Lycra
  • Long Leg length
  • Designed for reduced heat transfer
  • Product approx. weight based on Size M: 82g

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Did you know that in addition to the men’s range Comfyballs also do the Comfy range for ladies??

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1 review for Comfyballs Performance Long Winter Warrior Boxer

  1. Ben Mounsey

    The Winter Warrior is my personal favourite Comfyballs product! I really like the snug fit, as they are stretchy and move perfectly with your body during exercise, without being constrictive. The best feature is the double layer of material in the front package, which help to keep you noticeably warmer (in the right places!) on really cold days and increase breathability when it’s warm.
    For me, this is the benchmark in performance underwear – unrivalled in comfort, long lasting and extremely hard wearing. I currently own one pair and I always look forward to the days when I open my underpant drawer and they’re on top of my pile and ready for me to wear (A big thanks to the underpant fairy who lives in our house and magically washes and dries them for me).

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