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What’s in the comfort?

Traditional boxer shorts are not designed to keep your equipment
sufficiently in place. We wanted to change that, and so we have developed what
we believe are the most comfortable boxer shorts ever made.

We have worked long and hard to find the perfect fabric cut to produce the ultimate shape and support. Comfyballs® boxers
are tailored using flat-lock seams and super soft oeko-tex certified fabrics
for superior luxury comfort and breathability.


Our unique PackageFront™ technology is designed to keep your equipment in place and comfortable while being lifted away from the inside of your thighs, preventing unnecessary heating of the balls.

Carefully curved panels combined with innovative use of elastic fabric seams lift the user experience to a new level! The size of the PackageFront™ is the same regardless of the size of the boxer trunk, and because the PackageFront™ is made of an extremely elastic material, you can be assured that the PackageFront™ will fit you.

Using the PackageFront ™ helps to reduce heat transfer that would usually occur from thighs to your equipment. Colder equipment is proven to assist in fertility and may help to improve sperm count. By lifting your equipment away from between your legs, you reduce the risk of balls discomfort. You won’t have to manually adjust their position, which is a good thing, although you might miss it at first.


One of the core features that makes Comfyballs the superior choice of underwear is that it prevents unnecessarily warm balls. This is achieved by combining PackageFront with our specially developed fabrics that lift your equipment away from the skin. Cooled balls are also proven to have a positive impact on fertility and may help to increase sperm count. Lifting the equipment away from the normal position between your legs will also reduce the risk of testicular discomfort. This means that you don’t have to manually adjust the equipment many times throughout the day, which most of us will agree to be an advantage!


We’ve worked over many years to research and develop the perfect product. That’s why Comfyballs-boxers are sewn with flat-lock seams, which makes the boxers as comfortable on the inside as they are fine-looking on the outside. The materials these boxers are made from are supersoft Oeko-Tex certified fabrics that ensure maximum breathability and comfort. With Comfyballs you are guaranteed a pleasant experience throughout the day, regardless of the activity, and we are so proud that our customers call our boxers the world’s most comfortable underwear!

Sewn-in elastics surrounding the entire PackageFrontⓇ ensures that your equipment stays in place and away from your thighs.

Supersoft, moisture wicking, no label, no chafing, micro polyester waistband.

High grade and durable oeko tex certified fabrics.

Real flatlock seams in all edge-to-edge seams.



“I’ll give them 10 out of 10, they convinced me that the PackageFront and it’s benefits really work, I would recommend these boxers to any other runner!”
“The superlight version has fabric with some tiny holes in them to make them lighter and breathable, this helps reduce the heat. BIG plus”
“Being active in these is great, NO chafing & NO ball squeeze andd the fabric is very breathable, therefore NO over heating balls”
“I found comfyballs very comfortable indeed and so did my manhood”

Comfyballs are available in 4 fantastic fabrics – Superlight, Performance, Wood and Cotton


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