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3 weeks ago
Say no to baggy boxers! Comfyballs’ carefully shaped panels and elasticity provide the perfect fit for any shape or size, meaning your boys will always feel right at home. New year, new you, and a n
3 weeks ago
#tb til 20+, langbane og speedo skille. Men Jorekstad har jo sin sjarm det og da🤦‍️
3 weeks ago
Say no to thigh chafing! Our unique Packagefront lifts your balls away from your thighs, reducing testicular discomfort and chafing. Use code AMNESTY50 for 50% off! While stocks last.

4 weeks ago
At last a travel companion for my trip to Kilimanjaro!! My trekking underwear #needmoresupport #wonderpants #comfyballs #climbingunderwear
1 month ago
Maybe it's time to get back to basics and do some handstands in my underwear again? 🤔
Also note, metal heads are allowed to do handstands! 🤘

#beastinblack #metal #handstand #handstands #comfyballs

‘Extremely comfortable with a superior fit’


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Comfyballs was conceived and designed in Norway and is a brand that delivers real benefits. Traditional boxer trunks are not designed to keep your equipment sufficiently in place. We wanted to change that, and have developed what we believe are the most comfortable boxer trunks ever made.Read More >

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